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International educational exchange department

Our college pays great attentions to the international exchange. Since 1994, the students of Canghzou Industrial School (that was the former school of Cangzhou Technical College) started exchanging letters with students in Holland. These years, theexchanges with India, Singapore, Australia and Italia never stopped. Till 2005, the cooperation project with came true. Later, much more cooperation with different countries, Germany, Poland and Korea are gradually being carried out.

Ukrainian project

Entering into the European famous university with 175-year history, becoming the scarce talents knowing minor language.

Cooperating with the Ukraine National Pedagogical University named Dragamanov which has 175-year history, our college sends students there to continue study and students can get bachelor or master degree.

Germanic cooperation project

To provide the better educational resource for the excellent graduates in our college and to enjoy the pure European culture and customs.

The outstanding graduates of our college have opportunities to learn in the Germanic public universities and get the master degree of the corresponding specialty after 3-4 years¡¯ study. Students need not pay tuition fee and have the same treatment of EU students

Polish project

Approaching to Europe, getting the education recognized by countries of EU and becoming the popular applicants in the transnational enterprises

The courses are English courses majoring in psychology, architecture and economics. The cooperation universities are Lodz University, Technical University of Lodz and Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities. The whole world gives diplomatic recognition of the certificate students get from these schools.

Korean project

To train ¡° outstanding technicians without more additional training¡±

Studying specialty of automobile and stewards and getting job easily

Cooperating with Korean Konggi Institute of Technology, we try to train students¡¯ professional skills. We try to provide the useful works for the development of the auto industry. Cooperating with Korean Anyang Science College, we train the qualified stewards for airlines.

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