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Knowledge has no boundaries where your learning can travel freely. Higher vocational education is a new field which needs cultivating and watering with our blood and sweat.

Cangzhou Technical College£¬as a comprehensive state-run full-time higher vocational college authorized by Hebei Province in July 2000, is located in Cangzhou City of Hebei Province¡ªthe third Chemical Cityin China. The college, whose predecessor was set up in 1958, has been developed with distinct guidelines for college-management, excellent campus culture, and dense academic atmosphere. For many years, the college has fostered a whole crowd of technical talents with high qualifications for our country, which makes it an important base of personnel-training, scientific research and social work in Cangzhou and Hebei Province .It also contributes a lot to economic construction and social development of Cangzhou and Hebei Province.

The campus occupies 1120 mu ,as well as 200 mu for future teaching development. The college has such superior teaching and scientific research atmosphere as 12 high standard production-training centers, 2 training bases combining teaching, scientific research, production and service , and 69 training bases outside college, among which Bases of Chemical Application and Chemical Pharmaceutical Technology are ¡° National Modal Bases of Vocational Education and Training in Oil and Chemical Industry¡±, which guarantee to train skilled talents with high qualification for Alternation of Learning & Work and?? Integrated System of Production, Teaching and Research.

The college has abundant teacher resources of 576 staff with 180 associate professors or professors among which 19 professors and 17 researchers, 84% double-quality teachers, 4 experts with national allowance, 1 provincial superexcellent expert, 4 young experts with great contribution to Hebei province, 1 national excellent teacher. There are 9 departments, 3 divisions and 1 academy in the college: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering,Department of Information Engineering, Department of Management of Economic and Trade, Department of Management of Modem Service, Department of Chemical Industry Engineering, Department of Urban and Rural Construction Engineering, Department of Husbandry and Veterinary, Department of Foreign Language and Art Design, Division of Basic Courses, Division of Education Development, Division of International Education Exchange and Academy of Agricultural and Forest Sciences with 34 majors and 9000 students at school. The college has provincial model major of Husbandry and Veterinary, provincial experimental major of teaching reform and 2 provincial excellent courses, which forms a major-group with harmonious development whose main line is mechanical electricity , husbandry ¨C veterinary and chemistry with inter-courses like construction engineering, biology, information and economic trade with clear features of higher vocational education.

During long school-running practice, the college quests actively the development law of high vocational education, absorbs and utilizes successful experiences of high vocational education at home and abroad , brings about new ideas to talents-training model. The college adheres to such principles of ?as Student-oriented Education £¬Moral-education First, Application-oriented Career, Characteristic-oriented College, Ability¡ªoriented Standard, Market & employment- oriented major£¬Professional-ability & professional post-cored education with its training aims of technology- type, production-- type, service-type, management-type, highly-qualified talents in order to serve regional economy and social development by adhering to such principles as interaction of production and learning, combination of research and learning, alternation of engineering and learning to facilitate Integrated System of Production, Teaching and Research while improving students¡¯ practical abilities, creativities, social adaptation and employment abilities, as well as adhering to cooperating with more foreign countries in education exchanges to broaden the fields of running school.? In 2005, the college signed the contract of ¡°2+1+2¡± cooperation model with Ukraine National Normal University with 476 students in this project now. In 2009, the first graduates of this project finished their schooling successfully. In 2009, the college started new international cooperation ,such as the fine students graduating from the college going to Germany for postgraduate education ( free of charge); ¡°2+2¡± regular college in architecture, IT, economics? with Poland£»¡°2+3¡± master project in Psychology with Poland ( English language);¡°1.5+1.5+2¡±cooperation model in vehicle-maintenance and ¡°1.5+1.5¡± cooperation model in flight attendants with Korea, which provide a way for the students from three-year-college to four-year-college to? graduate school also a way to go abroad.

Concern and support from all walks of lives would improve the development of the college. I sincerely welcome all customers at home and abroad are concerned about the college, understand the college, support the college, prosper the college. While I¡¯m looking forward eagerly to every student¡¯s joining, to your new passion and energy for our college, to your new leap in quality of your life in our college.

Let¡¯s join hands to construct and develop continuously Cangzhou Vocational College of Technology in order to contribute our strength to sustainable development of the regional economy!

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